My back to school secret

There’s something about going back to school.

By the time Labor Day starts to come racing up the calendar, I was always a little bit excited to get back to school. It was a fresh new year, brand new classes, brand new teachers, and best of all I’d get to see my friends again everyday. That excitement would usually carry me through the first week, without any problem. By the second week I’d start to become less and less enchanted, and start marking the days on the calendar for the next day off of school (oh why couldn’t October 12th, and Columbus Day get here any faster!!). But those first few days were always magic.

And, now, as an adult, I love back-to-school time. I love it because, as a cartoonist, it’s just a virtual goldmine of material. There’s back-to-school shopping, new clothes, bus routes, getting back with your friends and talking about what you did or didn’t do over vacation, new teachers, it’s endless. So, enjoy today’s back-to-school comic, and have fun.

At least for the first few days.