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Frank & Steinway

Friday’s comics had a special guest character from fellow Gocomics cartoonist, Wil Panganiban’s comic strip, Frank & Steinway. Frank & Steinway is one of the great undiscovered comic strip’s out there just waiting to be snatched up by a syndicate.

In Frank & Steinway, the recession has hit everyone hard. No one is safe, not even the most cherished and respected icons. Once the pinnacles of their industry, two classic movie monsters find themselves unemployed and entering a world they’ve never experienced before, the real kind. Join Frank (formerly known as Dracula) and Steinway (the screw-necked flat head), and a few buddies along the way, as they face their greatest and scariest adventure yet, life!

And if you really like that you can head on over to Wil’s Kickstarter page, where you can help him get his first collection of Frank & Steinway off the ground!