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That Memphis Beat

Big time, eleven year old, Peanizles fan Memphis M., from Lawrence Massachusetts, sent in this great reversal picture of Chuck. I love how Chuck’s head is emblazoned across his chest, while his head has been replaced by his shirt’s usual logo. Very nice twist, Memphis!

Keep sending in the fan art and we’ll keep posting them.


Chuck’s Pencil Test

Chuck has never looked as trendy and hip as he does drawn in Number 2 pencil!

This awesome drawing of Chuck came straight to me from eleven year old, Samir P. from Lawrence, Massachusetts. Keep up the fabulous drawings guys!


Inspired By Carlos

Carlos C. from Lawrence, Massachusetts, has been busy at work sending in pages of drawings of Chuck, Succotash, Grace and the whole gang. So, you guys will be seeing LOTS of work from Carlos in the future! Love the comics Carlos, and keep the artwork coming! Chuck and I both love seeing your fantastic artwork!


Fan Art Field Trip!!!

Super-awesome fan Will C. from North Andover, Massachusetts, sent this great comic in. You can see the whole comic strip below in which Succotash, Chuck, and Grace go a school field trip and well… you’ll have to read the rest for yourself. Thanks Will!


Future Shock!

Eleven year old Pablo, from Lawrence, Massachusetts, sent in this picture of Chuck from the future. In it we can see exactly what Chuck will look like in a few years. Complete with glasses and rocking hair pick!

Thanks Pablo!

Keep the awesome artwork coming guys!