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It’s Monday, and today’s fantastic guest artist is none other than Rick Sardinha.

For those of you who don’t know Rick’s work, do yourself a favor and search it out. Rick’s fantasy illustration work has graced everything from Wizards Of the Coast Magic Cards, to concept art for a variety of Electronic Arts video games; his scientific illustration has been featured on the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, and National Geographic films; and he’s illustrated book cover’s for Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Inc., Moonstone Books, and too many other to name.

His newest book series, Tails Of The Porkus is a silent graphic novel series, in the tradition of Herge’s Tintin. The first three books, The Shortcut, The Krypto Kaper, and The Pig Who Would Be King, are all available through AMAZON. And you can receive updates on Tails Of The Porkus and all of Rick’s projects, and just be as big a fan of his work as I am through Rick’s Facebook page.