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Creature Double Feature

This week is a milestone of sorts. One year ago I broke my right arm, and was out of commission from any kind of drawing for over a month.

I was literally heartbroken that I wouldn’t be able to draw any new Peanizles strips in this time. And I really didn’t know what to do.

When I had mentioned it to my cartoonist friends, the idea of letting others do a guest strip, really became a viable and exciting option. There were literally more people wanting, and offering, to do a guest strip than I could ever have imagined. And when I had talked to Wil Panganiban, one of the best cartoonists and animators in the business, about it, last year he said that he would have loved to, but he was just too busy with his own comic strip, Frank & Steinway, to be able to do anything of justice.

Fast forward many months later.

I get an email from Wil, within which he said he couldn’t come up with a guest strip. He came up with a series of them. I was literally wowed by what he sent me. The only catch was that I had to finish the storyline.

And it being just about the one year anniversary of my terrible accident, I thought, what better time to run them.

So, sit back, adjust your monitor, and enjoy the comics, the guest characters, and the funnies.

Now, I’ve got to get back to work to finish what he started!

You can read more of Wil Panganiban’s inspired comic strip, Frank & Steinway at their website, and even help Wil in making his comics every day by donating to his Patreon! Join the daily misadventures of two once famous monsters, hit hard by the recession, try to make it in today’s world!