Tenth Anniversary – T. Shepherd

Tenth Anniversary – T. Shepherd

Peanizles Turns Ten!!!!

You heard that right. Peanizles debuted online, on July 1, 2009. And to celebrate such a milestone event, celebrity cartoonists and comic industry pro’s have joined the party. Join the festivities and see who comes to the party and pays homage to Chuck, Oliver, Grace, Succotash, Nick, and the whole Peanizles gang.

T. Shepherd loves cats, delicious fish, zen thinking, and comics, which is a good thing, since T. has been a Peanizles fan from way back when. T. Shepherd and I both began our online presence by posting out comics on gocomics Comic Sherpa website, and have followed each other over the years. And to Chuck and Succotash’s surprise, Snow, and T., gifted us a comic present with this fabulous anniversary piece. If you haven’t read any of T. Shepherd’s Snow Sez, head on over to Go Comics, you’re in for a treat.