Tenth Anniversary – Will Henry

Tenth Anniversary – Will Henry

Peanizles Turns Ten!!!!

You heard that right. Peanizles debuted online, on July 1, 2009. And to celebrate such a milestone event, celebrity cartoonists and comic industry pro’s have joined the party. Join the festivities and see who comes to the party and pays homage to Chuck, Oliver, Grace, Succotash, Nick, and the whole Peanizles gang.


This monsterous piece came flying at me from the masterful pen, and mind, of Will Henry. Will not only tore these houses up, but he blew me away with this insane rendition of Oliver.

I’ve been lucky enough to have followed Will and his cartooning career as he refined and honed his comic strip chops. From back when he was drawing and writing Ordinary Bill, and to today’s glorious Wallace the Brave. Will has quickly (over years of hard work hunched over a drawing table) become one of the premiere talents cartooning today. Will has been such a kind supporter and fan of Peanizles and mine, that it’s humbling.

And I’ve had Both Bill and Wallace make brief cameo’s along with Chuck, Oliver, and the gang. And if you are unfamiliar with Wallace, Amelia, Spud, and Will’s cast of loveable characters, do yourself a favor and read them. Better yet, go out and buy a copy of his books “Wallace the Brave” and “Snug Harbor Stories”.

You will be better for it.