Breaking The Funny Bone

Avid reader you might have noticed the loss of Monday’s comic and that there’s an amazingly talented guest artist behind today’s strip.

Well, a few days back I had a slight accident. And by slight accident I mean that I broke my right arm right at the elbow. Which of course is my drawing arm. Having just finished the summer long story arc of Chuck and the gang at Camp Big Foot, I was going to start work on the next few weeks worth of comic strips, when this happened and left me high and dry on the drawing board. I didn’t know what to do. I had no idea how long I might be unable to put pen to paper, and I didn’t want Peanizles to languish due to my stupidity. So, I put out a call for help, asking some cartoonist friends who I thought might be able, and want to, help me keep Peanizles running, and boy was I surprised by how many people wanted to help out. I’ve got a line up of great cartoonists putting their talented spin on Chuck, Oliver, Succotash and the whole Peanizles crew.

On Monday I have a follow up with my orthopedic surgeon to do some more tests and to determine how bad my arm is, and when I can rejoin my cartoonist bretheren at the drawing board. In the meantime, hang on and check out some amazing talent as the fun begins!



The Irregular Show

This is the first non-Peanizles cartoon piece that I’ve posted here, but when Chuck saw it he insisted that I post it up immediately. It started out as a daily, morning warm-up sketch that I finished up with color and everything. I have become a fan of The Regular Show, and as I was trying my first crack at sketching Mordecai and Rigby, it seemed a bit natural to turn them into my favorite television character, the Doctor. So, as Mordecai transformed into my favorite Timelord, I needed to come up with an adversary and who better than the Doctor’s natural foe, the Daleks. And Benson’s shapes and bubblegum machine body transformed into a red Dalek incredibly easy.



Now Available In Portuguese!!!

Another amazing fan from Brazil has translated Peanizles into Portuguese!

Peanizles has now been translated into Spanish and Portuguese all due to some mighty amazing fans around the world! So, keep reading, and I’ll keep making with the funny. And in case you want to see the original version of the comic above click


Live And Direct

Back in early April, while I was prepping for the 2013 Boston Comic Con, I did an interview with Casey Ryan for his radio show The Cutting Room Floor. It was a great interview, and I had an absolute blast chatting with him about the new Peanizles book, It’s Pronounced Pea-Nih-Zles, and all things Peanizles related. And I was planning to post the link here, but then the bombings at the Boston Marathon happened, and everything sort of got jumbled together in strange sort of limbo as Boston literally shut-down for over a day, and life as we knew it came to a stand still. The Boston Comic Con was canceled (but thankfully the organizers have been able to find a new venue and a new date, August 3-4) and my interview kind of got caught up in the mess.

But here it is for you all to enjoy!

If you’ve ever wondered how you pronounce Peanizles, if you’ve ever wondered how I cam up with the name Peanizles, if you’ve ever wanted to learn a little about this particular cartoonists views on cartooning and cartoonists, this interview is definitely for you.



Click here for the interview.


Chuck And Succotash… Isabella Style

For this installment of Fan Art Friday, we have this awesome comic strip sent in by 10 year old Isabella U., of Methuen, Massachusetts. Isabella included Chuck and Succotash in their very own urban start up company, the Barber Shop. Chuck has left his indelible fashion sense on her very own charcters. He’ll do that to you.

Thanks Isabella!

And keep those drawings coming!