Fan Art Friday – M.E.

The Peanizles Fan Art Train keeps on a rolling people!

And this just awesome interpretation of Chuck B. comes live and direct to us from twelve year old Mijoja E., from Lawrence, Massachusetts. I just loved the expression on Chuck’s face as he got his report card. And Chuck thought it was about right.

Keep on sending these awesome drawing and artwork people! We just love seeing them and sharing them with all of you.


Fan Art Friday – Monster Double

This amazing pair of fan art came to me, and blew me away. It was a double shot of Oliver fan art, that was just fabulous, and made Chuck insanely jealous.

These came to me via fourteen year old Elijah C. of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Elijah first sent in a unique and super creative drawing of Oliver in profile, which has such a great distinctive design style that I instantly loved it.

And if that wasn’t great enough, he then sent in a clay sculpture of Oliver. Complete with giant wagging tongue and big grin!

Thanks Elijah! That was just awesome!



Fan Art Friday And The Hot Seat


Two pieces of Fan Art this week featuring Chuck! Does it get any better than this? (That’s what Chuck’s asking, by the way.)

This piece came in from eleven year old Andy K., from Lawrence, Massachusetts. Any drew a really colorful rendition of Chuck, in the hot seat. The sweat pouring off his brow as he sweat’s it off.

Great job Andy!

And as always keep sending in the pictures, Chuck loves them all! (Although some of the other guys are getting a bit jealous.)



Fan Art Smorgasbord!

Hey Gang!

Wow. Things have been super busy around here, with a lot of new projects in the works and in development, and as soon as I can start sharing some of the news with you I will.

But until then let the Fan Art roll!

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to post any fan art here, but that doesn’t mean it has stop coming. Far from it. So, to start us off, I thought I’d share the piece that twelve year old Super Fan, Natanael S., from Lawrence, Massachusetts sent it. It’s a great pen and ink, colored pencil drawing of Chuck transformed! (I’m so digging the shirt by the way!)

A big thank you goes out Nate for this drawing!


The Stan Sakai Project

Going on thirty years now, Stan Sakai has shown us the epic saga of Miyamoto Usagi, a samurai rabbit, living in the feudal Japan. It has always been a favorite comic book of mine. Perfectly blending cartoon style animals handled with serious emotion and feeling, in the drama that unfolds in each issues 24 pages. IF you’re a comics fan, or a fan of Samurai films you owe it to yourself to search out and find these amazing stories.

In celebration of Usagi Yojimbo’s Thirtieth Anniversary, CAPS (The Comic Artists Professional Society) and Dark Horse Comic’s have gathered together a collection of comic industry professionals to help with the celebration, and pay tribute to Stan’s most beloved creation, Usagi, and in a time of need for Stan and his family. All proceeds from the book will be donated to Stan and his wife, Sharon. As well, as all original artwork will be auctioned off, and proceeds going to Stan and Sharon.

Each artist involved is too bring their unique style and interpret the subject in their own distinct way. Making this book a one of kind treasure for comic, cartoon and art fans alike. Some of the artists and creators involved include: Adam Hughes, Alex Maleev, Arthur Adams, Batton Lash, Brian Michael Bendis, Carlos D’Anda and GAbe El Taeb, Dan Panosian, Dave Gibbons, David Mack, Doug Wheatley, Eric Powell, Geof Darrow, Howard Chaykin, Jeff Smith, Matt Groening Matt Wagner, Michael Allred, Michael Avon Oeming, Michael Golden, Mike Kunkel, Mike Mignola, Richard Corben, Scott Shaw, Sergio Aragones, Tim Sale, Tom Mandrake, Tom Richmond, Walter Simonson, William Stout.

I was humbly amazed when I was invited to be a part of such a milestone event, and to help out one of the comic industry great’s

So, enjoy my little tribute to Stan Sakai, and Usagi Yojimbo, and I can’t wait to see what the next thirty years have in store for my favorite Samurai rabbit.