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Pumpkin Crazy!

Pumpkin Stack
This year for Halloween, Melissa and I were down in Providence, Rhodes Island where we went to the Roger Williams Zoo and saw their collection of over 10,000 carved jack-o-lanterns.
Bella Lugosi the Pumpkin
We both had decided on spending the weekend in Providence to celebrate her birthday, and a few weeks before going we had heard about the pumpkin exhibit at the Zoo and thought that it would be something that we would both like, and that really would be more than appropriate away to celebrate Halloween. And let me tell you, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely give it a go one of these days. There were pumpkins of every shape, size, and kind imaginable carved in some of the coolest ways possible. There were lit pumpkins on out on the water, twenty to thirty foot trees were covered with glowing carved pumpkins as if they were christmas lights strung across the branches, and there were pumpkins carved inside of other pumpkins. Kermit the Pumpkin