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Now Available In Portuguese!!!

Another amazing fan from Brazil has translated Peanizles into Portuguese!

Peanizles has now been translated into Spanish and Portuguese all due to some mighty amazing fans around the world! So, keep reading, and I’ll keep making with the funny. And in case you want to see the original version of the comic above click


The Irregular Show

This is the first non-Peanizles cartoon piece that I’ve posted here, but when Chuck saw it he insisted that I post it up immediately. It started out as a daily, morning warm-up sketch that I finished up with color and everything. I have become a fan of The Regular Show, and as I was trying my first crack at sketching Mordecai and Rigby, it seemed a bit natural to turn them into my favorite television character, the Doctor. So, as Mordecai transformed into my favorite Timelord, I needed to come up with an adversary and who better than the Doctor’s natural foe, the Daleks. And Benson’s shapes and bubblegum machine body transformed into a red Dalek incredibly easy.