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Oh What A Year It’s Been…

Well, 2012 has officially packed it’s bags and moved out, and 2013 is trying to settle in.

For me, and the whole Peanizles gang, 2012 was a big, big year, and 2013 has some big shoes to fill. The biggest of which, is that Peanizles has joined forces with Hound Comics. Hound Comics is an international entertainment, comic and book publishing company. Their goal is to gather together the greatest collection of creative, talented people, and allow them to produce a diverse array of comic books, comic strips, children’s book, and animations available today. And I am honored to be a part of something so big and unique in publishing today. There, are many projects in the works right, now, most of which are still in development and as soon as I can tell you more specifics on what is coming your way in 2013, you better believe you’ll find out first, right here! So, in the meantime, head on over to Hound Comics and check out the great collection of artists, writers, and amazingly creative people I am proud to be a part of!