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The Gang’s All There!

Check out this awesome cameo that Chuck made trick or treating over at T. Shepherd’s comic strip ! For those of you new to T. Shepherd’s comic strip, Snow Sez is about the zen master cat Snow who offers advice to animals in need of guidance. Every day, Snow is just brilliant and funny.

So, this year for hallloween, T. Shepherd took other Comics Sherpa members characters and had them trick or treating in costume over at Snow’s house. Both Chuck and I were excited to see Chuck dressed up trick or treating amdist his other comic page friends!

And don’t forget to head over to Snow Sez’s Fan Page over at Facebook!



Somebody caught me mid sketch, creating custom sketch trading cards for people. Two of the favorites that I created that day were Succotash as the Eleventh Doctor, from Doctor Who (complete with a rocking fez, because fez’s are cool!), and Succotash also as Colossus from the X-Men. If you have any photo’s of any of the cards I created and sold that day, feel free to send them on over and I’ll paste them up for all to see!

See you at the next convention!


The Other Side Of The Comic Page

Today we have just another fantastic piece of Peanizles Fan Art sent to us by NIck L. from North Andover, Massachusetts.

Nick has artfully added a new character to the strip, which turns out to be me, sort a mad Director of the Peanizles Cartoon. So all you executves over at Fox or Cartoon Network, NIck’s already started to lay the groundwork for the Peanizles Show. Now if I could just get a theme song…