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Boston Comic Con – Recap

Over the weekend I attended my first convention of the year, at the Boston Comic Con, and in short it was absolutely amazing. Period.

Fans stopped by all weekend to pick up a copy of the new Peanizles Comic Book, which debuted at the convention, and the new Peanizles t-shirt. I spent each day signing books, doing free sketches, and converting new people to the wonderful world of Peanizles.

I’ll post more pictures up from the convention. And if any fans out there have any pictures that they took from the convention, send them to me and I’ll post them up! See you at the next Con!


The Reviews Are In!

Amidst all the great people I met at Boston Comic Con over the weekend, Jimmy Aquino from Comic News Insider stopped by the Peanizles booth for a nice chat after traveling all the way from New York. And in his weekly comic review Peanizles was chosen as a Top 3 Pick from the Convention. You can head on over to the Comic News Insider website to listen to the whole review, or better yet check it out at itunes.


This Saturday – Free Comic Book Day!

Don’t forget that this Saturday, May 7th, is the first Saturday of may, which means it’s Free Comic Book Day. So head on over to your favorite comic book shop, book store, or wherever comics are sold to pick up some great free comics!

I’ll be spending the day at the Newbury Comics in West Lebannon, New Hampshire, signing issues of the new Peanizles comic book, giving away free sketches and the occassional “whut’sup.” So, stop by and get your hands on the new Peanizles comic and Peanizles t-shirt for Mom for Mother’s Day.


Free Comic Book Day Recap

Over the weekend I spent Free Comic Book Day at the Newbury Comics in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. I met so many amazing artists hanging out and doing sketches, signing books, and just talking comics. And I can’t get over the huge amount of fans who came out in droves to grab their free comics and pickup their own signed copy of the new Peanizles comic book.

Here’s a sketch I did specifically for superfan John Whitney, the manager of the West Lebanon, Newbury Comics. I loved adding toothface to the comic strip.

A special Thor crossover comic I did for a fan.

One of the greatest personal moments of the day was getting to meet the multi-award winning, comic book master,