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Open For Business… The Peanizles Store

I am super pleased to announce that Peanizles now has it’s very own storefront where you can now purchase the very first issue of the Peanizles Comic book and of course, Chuck’s favorite shirt.

The Comic Book Features:

24 pages
38 strips
3 bonus pages of material written solely for the comic
2 pages of pin-up artwork

There’s the Regular cover, which feature a very sly looking Succotash, Chuck, and Grace, comes signed, and then there’s a limited edition Vampire Variant, done by amazingly cool cartoonsist Elena Steier.

And then there is the long awaited t-shirt that Chuck wears every day (actual shirt not previously worn by Chuck) in the comic!

So head on over to the store and take a look!


David and Goliath Chuck

I’ve been going through all the fan art that’s been accumulating around here, and thought it was about time that I got back to posting them.

Here’s a really great, and chiseled Chuck sent in by David T. of Andover, MA. Chuck loves how he looks so buff, and in shape! Thanks David, and keep the great work coming!!!