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Our Internets Anniversary Party

As of today Peanizles has been online for the past year. That’s 160 comics. That’s a whole lot of Chuck and the gang coming at you three times a week, and that’s just the beginning.

Now, as many of you might know, Peanizles, first appeared in print form almost ten years ago in the music magazine Skope. It was always located somewhere towards the front of the magazine, on the bottom of the page, staring at you in bold, four color CMYK. And it was a hit with the publisher, the staff and readership alike. Now, as much as I enjoyed seeing that magazine in my mailbox every other month, and on the sitting there on the stands at your local book store or magazine shop, I get just a big of a thrill seeing it pop up on my browser. There’s a lot more Peanizles to come, and if you want to check out Chuck, Grace, Succotash, J.R., Mingus and the gang from the beginning just start here.

Now, who brought the ice cream?