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Finn Approved – Fan Art

Ten year old, Uber-Big Peanizles fan Xavier V. from Springfield, Massachusetts sent in this Algebraic drawing of Finn from the massively entertaining Cartoon Networl show, Adventure Time! enjoying the Peanizles Comic book! Let me tell you besides making Chuck’s day, this picture just proves what amazing, discerning taste in comics Finn and Jake and the whole Adventure Time crew have!

Keep the amazing fan art coming!


Portrait Of The Artist – Fan Art


This awesome and amazing piece of fan art came to me from eleven year old Patrick R. from Lawrence, Massachusetts, and I couldn’t resist publishing it. Chuck, Succotash, Oliver, Grace, J.R. and the whole Peanizles gang get their fair share of fan art to cross the desk, but rarely does the artist. Thanks for the amazing cartoon likeness and keep sending in the fan art gang!

I think Chuck’s actually jealous…