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Roscoe and the Kids

Rosco and the Kid

Rosco and the Kid

In case you missed it, there’s a new monster in town. While Chuck and Succotash have been looking to capture their first Leprechaun (not without a little help from Oliver) they captured a big, green, furry ball of fun named Roscoe. Now, Roscoe is used to hanging around kids, since he has his own comic strip Roscoe and the Kid buy my buddy cartoonist Dave Sullivan. Sully’s Roscoe monster fit’s so well with Chuck and the gang, that he was complete natural to write and draw. I’d been looking to have him make a cameo for a LONG time, but wanted to make sure that it was the right time, and this Saint Patrick’s Day was that moment.

And for those of you Peanizles fans that think Roscoe, and Dave’s drawing look familiar, they should! Sully has contributed his own take on
Grace and Chuck back in 2013 when I broke my arm and was incapable of drawing for weeks. Those were some very dark days indeed. And he was also amazing enough to draw a fantastic Portait of the Artist–mischievous muse included.

AND, his son Bryan drew a spectacuarly fun-filled drawing of
Bryan SullivanOliver, which quickly made Chuck’s day.