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Breaking The Funny Bone

Avid reader you might have noticed the loss of Monday’s comic and that there’s an amazingly talented guest artist behind today’s strip.

Well, a few days back I had a slight accident. And by slight accident I mean that I broke my right arm right at the elbow. Which of course is my drawing arm. Having just finished the summer long story arc of Chuck and the gang at Camp Big Foot, I was going to start work on the next few weeks worth of comic strips, when this happened and left me high and dry on the drawing board. I didn’t know what to do. I had no idea how long I might be unable to put pen to paper, and I didn’t want Peanizles to languish due to my stupidity. So, I put out a call for help, asking some cartoonist friends who I thought might be able, and want to, help me keep Peanizles running, and boy was I surprised by how many people wanted to help out. I’ve got a line up of great cartoonists putting their talented spin on Chuck, Oliver, Succotash and the whole Peanizles crew.

On Monday I have a follow up with my orthopedic surgeon to do some more tests and to determine how bad my arm is, and when I can rejoin my cartoonist bretheren at the drawing board. In the meantime, hang on and check out some amazing talent as the fun begins!



Drawing with the left arm…

Well, this week I got confirmation that my arm injury is in fact a broken arm. More specifically I have a compound fracture of the radius bone on my drawing hand.

But, have no fear comics reader, new Peanizles comics are coming your way. There is a huge guest line up of cartoonists coming your way to lend their own indelible spin on Chuck, Oliver, Succotash, Grace and the whole Peanizles gang!

Stay tuned and see who might show up!