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Great April Fools’ Day Comics Switcheroonie

Back in 1997, for April Fool’s Day, 46 syndicated cartoonists swapped comic strips for the day. The Family Circus was drawn by Scott Adams (Dilbert), Blondie was drawn by Jim Davis (Garfield), and Foxtrot was drawn by Brad and Guy Gilchrist (Nancy).

Today a small group of us, a new breed of print and digital cartoonists, have joined forces to recreate the same foolishness as our predecessors:

Ralf the Destroyer is drawn by me, Don Mathias (Peanizles)
Peanizles is drawn by Villena and Tomaselli (Onion & Pea)
Frank and Steinway is drawn by Tom Burton (Leadbellies)
Leadbellies is drawn by Fritz (Rackafracka)
In The Sandbox is drawn by Wil Panganiban (Frank and Steinway)
Onion & Pea is drawn by Daniel Beyer (Long Story Short)
Rackafracka is drawn by Evan Falcone (Amazin’ Events)
Snow Sez is drawn by Andrew Pilcher (Smith)
Smith is drawn by T. Sheperd (Snow Sez)
Long Story Short is drawn by Scott Lincoln (Ralf the Destroyer)
Amaz’n Events is drawn by Wil Panganiban (Frank and Steinway)


April Fooled

Here’s another look at the April Fools Day comic that appeared in the Ralf The Destroyer comic website over at gocomics on last Friday. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing with another cartoonists characters.