Here’s Looking At Chuck!

New fan art just came in from ten year old Leny, from Lawrence, Massachusetts. This is one great drawing of Chuck. Thanks, Leny!



  1. pablo says:

    it’s pablo from the art center came to say what are we going to do next week came to say can
    prettyyyyyy plese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep 1 of your comex book plese!!!!! 1 more thing infact 2 more things 1 is bring peanuts comex book and 2 you were right that eraser did make me feel like throwing it by acdent i almost threw it at my 2 techers well see you next week at the art center + one thing my frinends at school keep telling me it’s play-dho or clay [and i said no it's an earser] they were like what i was like YESSSSSSSSS IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!