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Somebody caught me mid sketch, creating custom sketch trading cards for people. Two of the favorites that I created that day were Succotash as the Eleventh Doctor, from Doctor Who (complete with a rocking fez, because fez’s are cool!), and Succotash also as Colossus from the X-Men. If you have any photo’s of any of the cards I created and sold that day, feel free to send them on over and I’ll paste them up for all to see!

See you at the next convention!


The Star Wars Trilogy Cometh!!!

This week I’m going to be sharing the ambitious series of drawings of Chuck and the gang sent in by eleven year old, super-fan, Abhay, from Andover, Massachusetts. Abhay set about the colossal task of turning Chuck, Succotash, Grace, and Oliver into various characters from Star Wars. I’m breaking the artwork into three pieces, and I’m going to be showcasing it her over the next couple days for you. The first, which has Succotash as Han Solo, or Solotash, and Grace doing her best Princess Leia, which has now been dubbed, Princess Graia.

I’ve got to admit these are some of the funnest, and funniest, versions of the characters that I’ve gotten. Thanks, Abhay!

And keep the awesome artwork coming!!!


The Return Of The Jedi-ish…

The Story So Far…

Today we get to see the third, and final installment of the fantastic fan-art trilogy from in by Abhay, from Andover, Massachusetts. In this episode, we see the Peanizles gang transformed into respective Star Wars characters! For the finale, we get a vision of Succotash dressed as Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi, or more correctly, the incredible Tashi-Wan Succobe, brandishing his light saber and fabulous facebook jersey! In the back, just coming over the horizon, two familiar Droids approach, as R2-D2 and Chuck in his alter-ego as C3-PO, or as Abhay calls him Chuck-PO.

Thanks so much for all the hard work and amazing drawings, Abhay!

And keep the artwork coming!!!


Justine Case Fan Art

This awesome piece of fan art was mined by 10 year old Justin Case of Massachusetts. Two of JUstin’s favorite activites include reading Peanizles and playing Minecraft. So, one day he wondered what it would be like if Chuck and Succotash were both Minecraft characters. Awesomeness ensued. Chuck is doing a great job of fighting of the skeleton, while Succotash has his hands full warding of a Creeper.

Thanks Justin! And keep the great comics and drawings coming!


Chuck The Barbarian… And Succotash!

Here’s an unbelivable team-up of fan art that came into the Peanizles studios. Not only do we get a team up of Chuck as a barbarian warlord and Succotash as a fully armored warrior knight, but the piece of fan-art was drawn by the barbaric duo of Willem and Drew, from Massachusetts! Wow. Chuck has never looked as good as he goes in a Viking, horned helmet (well, except for when he hangs with Flavor Flav).

Thanks guys! And keep all the fantastic artwork coming!