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Sing It! – Fan Art

Wow! Sing it Chuck!

This tuneful (or should that be toonful) piece of fan art was sent in by Ten year old Elija K., from Andover, Massachusetts. I just love expression that you managed to capture on Chuck’s face Elija-especially when somebody is rapping out of tune! Keep up the good work!

Thanks Elija! And I’ve got a whole mess of fan art coming! And keep sending them in!


The Eraser Story – Fan Art!

So much fan art has been rolling into the studio as of late, that it’s been hard keeping up with it. And the amazing quality and time everybody has put in to their work has been astounding! Big thanks go out to all the Peanizles fans out there, and please keep them coming.

This hilarious piece was sent in by eight year old Tyler, from Massachusetts. Chuck and Succotash have seemed to have gotten into a bit of eraser trouble as they speak!

Thanks Tyler, and I know we’ll be seeing more of your stuff in the next few days!


Justine Case Fan Art

This awesome piece of fan art was mined by 10 year old Justin Case of Massachusetts. Two of JUstin’s favorite activites include reading Peanizles and playing Minecraft. So, one day he wondered what it would be like if Chuck and Succotash were both Minecraft characters. Awesomeness ensued. Chuck is doing a great job of fighting of the skeleton, while Succotash has his hands full warding of a Creeper.

Thanks Justin! And keep the great comics and drawings coming!


To The Highest Bidder

Have you ever want to own an original piece of comic artwork?

Have you ever thought that a cartoon would make your friends an co-workers go into a jealous frenzy, because you’re too cool to have one?

Well, now your can!

This past Sunday, May 27th, Heritage Auctions has opened bidding to the public on Team Cul De Sac. All of the original pieces of art have been donated by some of the biggest, best, and brightest names in comics. And best of all, 100% of all proceeds from the auction are going to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. One hundred percent.

Where else can you expect to find an original Bill Watterson oil painting (of Cul De Sac character Petey Otterloop) currently, going for less than $3,000. Or Mark Parisi, who just received the National Cartoonist Society’s Best Newspaper Panel award, that’s currently running at $22. Some of the other amazing names are Stephan Pastis, Cathy Guisweitte, Patrick McDonnell, Pat Oliphant, Mike Peters, J.K. Snyder, Jay Stephens, Lucas Turnbloom, BIll Amend, Sergio Aragones, Jerry Borgman, Jeremy Billadeau, Jim Davis, Daniel Borisand myself Don Mathias featuring Chuck and Succotash with Dill and Alice.

So, take a minute, and head on over to the Heritage Auction website and look at all the amazing work that was done for an amazing cause. And place a bid. You’ll get more than an original piece of artwork, you’ll be helping a great cause.