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Thursday’s Random Character Sketch – New Kid On The Block

I am looking to add new characters and kids to the Peanizles gang. And I’ve been thinking that I’m going to start posting sketches of possible new characters as I come up with them and showcase them here on the website periodically to see what everyone thinks. If enough people like certain characters, that will tend to lead me to the idea that there’s enough interest in that character to develop them further. So, get your fingers flashing across the keyboard and let me know what you think. Cheers!


Finn Approved – Fan Art

Ten year old, Uber-Big Peanizles fan Xavier V. from Springfield, Massachusetts sent in this Algebraic drawing of Finn from the massively entertaining Cartoon Networl show, Adventure Time! enjoying the Peanizles Comic book! Let me tell you besides making Chuck’s day, this picture just proves what amazing, discerning taste in comics Finn and Jake and the whole Adventure Time crew have!

Keep the amazing fan art coming!


Chuck And Succotash… Isabella Style

For this installment of Fan Art Friday, we have this awesome comic strip sent in by 10 year old Isabella U., of Methuen, Massachusetts. Isabella included Chuck and Succotash in their very own urban start up company, the Barber Shop. Chuck has left his indelible fashion sense on her very own charcters. He’ll do that to you.

Thanks Isabella!

And keep those drawings coming!