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Support For Boston

This year’s Boston Comic Con is going to be a big deal.

This year Boston, my home town, my city, has been through a lot this week. And none of it was good. There has been terrible pain, anguish, and fear felt throughout Boston, the country, and the world. And through all of that there have just been the most amazing, wondrous people who remind us that most people are good, and decent, and most importantly human.

This year’s Boston Comic Convention has been uplifted with a universal show of amazing support from artists and creators. People are not letting this deter them from coming to Boston. In fact, it’s seemed to have done quite the opposite. People are more determined more than ever to make their way to Boston. individuals who weren’t initially scheduled to attend this year’s convention have rallied together and have been added to the guest list. And it just makes me glad. It gives me such amazing feeling of hope and a feeling of solidarity. and that we can overcome whatever heinous acts a few twisted individuals try to create.

And Peanizles will be at this year’s Boston Comic Con. This year’s convention will be the premier event for the new Peanizles book. A 114 page, full-color trade paperback collection of Peanizles comics. I’ll be signing book, doing sketches, and looking forward to being a part of something very special this year.

So, come on by. Be a part of something good, of something great.