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Live And Direct

Back in early April, while I was prepping for the 2013 Boston Comic Con, I did an interview with Casey Ryan for his radio show The Cutting Room Floor. It was a great interview, and I had an absolute blast chatting with him about the new Peanizles book, It’s Pronounced Pea-Nih-Zles, and all things Peanizles related. And I was planning to post the link here, but then the bombings at the Boston Marathon happened, and everything sort of got jumbled together in strange sort of limbo as Boston literally shut-down for over a day, and life as we knew it came to a stand still. The Boston Comic Con was canceled (but thankfully the organizers have been able to find a new venue and a new date, August 3-4) and my interview kind of got caught up in the mess.

But here it is for you all to enjoy!

If you’ve ever wondered how you pronounce Peanizles, if you’ve ever wondered how I cam up with the name Peanizles, if you’ve ever wanted to learn a little about this particular cartoonists views on cartooning and cartoonists, this interview is definitely for you.



Click here for the interview.