Besties In Show

Besties In Show

Today’s comic is a special treat from my friend Phil Juliano, and his crazy, cool cast of characters over at his comic strip Best In Show

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Phil’s work, do yourself a favor and head on over right now. It’s a perfect time to get on board. His current storyline is nothing short of brilliance. P.J., or Peej, and his pet labrador, Spencer, have gone back in time to when they were kids, and yet, have maintained all the knowledge and memories of adulthood. And it’s Peej’s time to go back and do things that everybody would love to be able to do over again. And in this special strip, Chuck, and Oliver make a guest appearance at their school. It even looks like everybody’s big, furry green guy, has a bit of a crush on somebody’s gal.

Thanks Phil!