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201Ringo Awards Finalist Voting


Vote Peanizles

Whoa!!!! Thank you so much, everybody who voted for Peanizles in the Ringo Awards 2018, we got on the Ballot! I’m so humbled and overwhelmed with appreciation for each and every one of you fans out there. You are the best fans anywhere. Thank you.

Final voting has begun in the 2018 Ringo Awards, which will be held at this year’s Baltimore Comic Con, one of my person favorite conventions. I won’t lie, we’re up against some serious competition in the Best Comic Strip category: Bloom County, Pearls Before Swine, Mutts, and Sarah Scribbles. All such great, great comics, and cartoonists. I’m humbled to be on the same ballot with them. Now, it’s time to get as many people out there to vote, and convince them to vote for Peanizles. Chuck and the gang would greatly appreciate it.