The Feminine Touch

The Feminine Touch

Friday’s Guest Artist is Elena Steier.

Elena Steier specializes in drawing just about everything, and anything and making comic strips about everything in life. She’s an accomplished political satirist, goth and monster cartoonist, and cute, fuzzy animal comics. In fact, while most cartoonists (myself included) struggle to produce one comic strip a day, Elena manages to do ten different comics. All with their very own cast of characters, feeling, and humor. She is the busiest cartoonist I know. And somehow, she managed to find time in her busy schedule to create a couple Peanizles comics for me. She is also one of the greatest people I know.

Do yourself a favor and check out Elena’s other comic strips Striporama, Queen Of The Cosmos, Jane Quiet, Tee Dogs, The Vampire Bed And Breakfast, The Goth Scouts, The Block, Suzy Q Toy Repair, and The Dinosaur Circus. You’ll be glad you did.