The First Doctor

The First Doctor

Doctor Who has stuck with me since I was just a ten year old kid discovering it on PBS, where it aired, here in the United States. And since that single episode of The Ark In Space, I was hooked. Hooked bad. I wanted to know everything, and I mean everything, about this show and this mysterious man called on “The Doctor”. Every night at seven o’clock I would plant myself in the family room and watch the latest serial adventure of this time traveling alien. I found the Target books in the local bookstore and was shocked to find that there were so many more stories, with different men called the Doctor, dealing with some of the same foes as I was used to, and some I had never heard or seen before. And I learned all about these earlier incarnations of The Doctor, and I read all I could, and watched all I could. And I loved it.

Today, all of these many years later, Doctor Who has gone from being a Timelord to a king. He’s the centerpiece of the longest running sci-fi serial in the world. All the debates my friends who were Star Trek fans used to wage about how Star Trek was a much better show, seem to finally have been put to rest. Time, as it were, was on The Doctor’s side. And I’m still as big a fan as ever.

So in tribute to the newest incarnation of Doctor Who, I decided to do a short series of strips in which, each day, my cartoon characters are dressed as the Doctor, and some very special characters from each of those periods in each of those specific Doctor’s eras.