Tenth Anniversary – Wil Panganiban

Tenth Anniversary – Wil Panganiban

Peanizles Turns Ten!!!!

You heard that right. Peanizles debuted online, on July 1, 2009. And to celebrate such a milestone event, celebrity cartoonists and comic industry pro’s have joined the party. Join the festivities and see who comes to the party and pays homage to Chuck, Oliver, Grace, Succotash, Nick, and the whole Peanizles gang.

Wil Panganiban is the mastermind behind Frank and Steinway, a comic strip about two classic movie monsters, who were once the pinnacle of their industry, now find themselves unemployed and entering a world they’ve never experienced before, the real kind. Join Frank (formerly known as Dracula) and Steinway (the screw-necked flat head), and a few buddies along the way, as they face their greatest and scariest adventure yet, life!

Wil, Frank, and Steinway have been behind the scenes buddies of mine, Chuck, Oliver, and the gang the past ten years, so it was very special, to get the gang back together, so to speak. Here’s to the next ten buddy!