Tenth Anniversary – John Cardinal

Tenth Anniversary – John Cardinal

Peanizles Turns Ten!!!!

You heard that right. Peanizles debuted online, on July 1, 2009. And to celebrate such a milestone event, celebrity cartoonists and comic industry pro’s have joined the party. Join the festivities and see who comes to the party and pays homage to Chuck, Oliver, Grace, Succotash, Nick, and the whole Peanizles gang.

John Cardinal, creatively known as Monsta, created a monster with this amazing celebratory piece for Peanizles Tenth Anniversary. His rendition of me, drawing out my inner Peanizles, took me by surprise, with it’s gorgeous awesomness, as well as, a little slice of reality. John and I go way back to our years at art school together, and it’s been fun to travel the years since, watching him grow, and become the fantastic artist, designer, and publisher at Tryptic Press, that he’s become. If you have yet to see any more of John’s work check it out, you need to.