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Kids Coloring Activity Page – Bringing the Magic

Hey, Hey!

Let’s all have some fun!

I’m going to star posting and sharing activity pages for kids of all ages (come on parents, you know you enjoy this as well) here on my website, for everybody to download for free.

To start thing off we have a Coloring Activity Page that has The Great and Magnificent Chuck” putting on a magic performance to rival that of Houdini. He has the big box of mystery behind him waiting to have some magic happen. Let’s see who might make an appearance when the show begins.

Just click on the Image, or the download link below, and begin coloring! And don’t forget to share your finished coloring projects with your friends, family, and yo can even send them here to see what everybody’s doing! Have fun!

PeanizlesActivityPage1Peanizles Coloring Activity Page

Peanizles Coloring Activity Page

Click to Download Peanizles Coloring – Magic Man