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The Winning Name Is…

And the results are in!

The Name the Monster Under the Bed contest was a bigger success than I could ever have imagined. People from all over, as far away as Spain and Hungary and Yugoslavia were sending in what they felt should be the monsters name. And most people sent in not only one name, but whole lists. It was just very humbling and very cool to see such a massive show of support. So, I just want to thank each and every one of you who took a moment to send in their best name (or names) for the Monster that lives under Chuck’s bed.

Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, but there were several runner up’s which were all very close.

And the Winning name, as you probably have already read in today’s comic, was Oliver! Oliver was sent in by Will Panganiban from California. It just seemed such a great name, absolutely fitting, and the monster absolutely loved it when he heard it.

The runners up name’s were, in no particular order:
Dusty, sent in by Finn Sieks
Renaldo, sent in by Dreese Fadil
Guacamole, sent in by Dan Perkins
and Stinky Peas sent in by Riya Sharma

Thanks so very much guys! They were all just great entries! Will will be receiving an original peanizles comic strip and a signed copy of the first issue of the Peanizles Comic book, and all the runner ups will be receiving signed copies of the Peanizles Comic book.

And everybody wins free wallpaper, of Chuck and Oliver goofing around with the camera! Just click on the above image to download to your computer, laptop or whatever!


Trick Or Treats!

Happy Halloween Peanizles fans!

Chuck and the gang wanted to show off this year Halloween costumes, just before they hit your house for some candy. There’s Chuck dressed in his best Hellboy, and B.P.R.D. gear, complete with giant red hand (all the better to get more candy with); Succotash dressed as his favorite vagabond Timelord, the ever-loving Eleventh Doctor, from the BBC’s Doctor Who; Grace is just purr-fect in her black cat suit, performing her best Catwoman impersonation; Nick, the stick figure dresses as he does every year, the timeless Hobo; J.R. is doing his best Spaceman; while Oliver, the Monster, just went as himself!

Enjoy, and make sure to give out the good candy this year. But, make sure to save a piece for yourself.


Free Comic Book Daze!

In case you missed it, but this Saturday, May 3rd, is Free Comic Book Day.

What does that mean? It means exactly what it sounds like: Free Comic Books!

All across North America, participating comic book shops will be giving away special edition comic books for free, just for stopping by their store. For more information regarding which comic shops are taking part, or to find one in you are just click here:

And every year I take the whole Peanizles gang with me to a special comic book store. This year I’ll be at Harrison’s Comics in Woburn, Massachusetts. And starting at 10 in the morning I’ll be signing books, drawing original sketches, and giving away a variety of high fives to everybody that stops by.

This year I’m pleased to announce that I’ll also be joined by fellow Hound Comics creator and writerBob Salley, who’s comic book The Salvagers has been quickly becoming a hit with a powerful story that was spawned from the idea of, ” when he thought to himself how much value there would be in salvaging the Star Wars universe. Imperial Destroyers, countless Tie Fighters and X-Wings and of course the priceless ruins of the Death Star… Twice!”

And then at noon, we’ll be joined by Katie Cook, the writer of IDW’s, bestselling comic book, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

So stop whatever you were planning on doing this Saturday, and stop on by!