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Be Part Of Team Cul De Sac

This is it!

It’s finally here!

Well, available for pre-order at least.

That’s right. Pre-orders for Richard Thompson’s Team Cul De Sac book, to be officially released in June 2012, are being taken as I type this over at Sparkling Design.

For those of you who might not know, Richard Thomspon, creator and cartoonist, the award winning comic strip Cul De Sac, was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. And from that terrible, heart-wrenching diagnosis, Team Cul De Sac was born. Team Cul De Sac includes over 150 of the top cartoonists and comic strips in the industry working their individual magic on Richard’s amazing characters. A few of the cartoonist’s lending their indelible ink to Richard’s character’s include: Bill Amend, Brian Anderson, Sergio Aragones, Jim Davis, Evan Dorkin, Paul Gilligan, Brad Guigar, Dave Kellet, Patrick McDonnell, Mark Parisi, Stephan Pastis, Jay Stephens, G.B. Trudeau, Mort Walker, Bill Watterson (who some might remember from a little comic strip called Calvin and Hobbes), and myself. Yes, Chuck and the gang get to hang out for a book with cartoon royalty!

When you order directly from Team Cul De Sac, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, to support Parkinson’s Disease research. The regular edition of the book costs $35.00, including US shipping and a $5 donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The book will be signed by Chris Sparks, who painstakingly put this whole amazing project together.

The Author Edition, will be signed and numbered 1-150, by author Chris Sparks. The price includes shipping and handling and a $20 donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

If you have any questions about the book, a special request or needing to buy multiple copies please email Chris at:

Thank you for supporting such a great cause, and picking up one of the best books of the year!

-Don and the Peanizles Gang


The Team’s All Here!!!

Here’s a final peek at the final cover for the Team Cul De Sac book. Team Cul De Sac features new and original artwork from sich comic greats as Bill Watterson, Sergio Aragones, Stephan Pastis, Mark Parisi, Mark Tatulli, and many, many more. Proceeds from the book benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help advance Parkinson’s Disease research. Not only is it a great book, but it’s a great cause, and everybody needs a copy of this historic book on their shelf.

You can preorder the book through and special signed artist editions over at Sparking Designs.

Here’s a full list of all the contributing artists ~
Amend, Bill
Anderson, Brian
Anderson, Mark
Aragones, Sergio
Artley, Steven
Auger, Michael
Basset, Brian
Belefski, Carolyn
Bell-Lundy, Sandra
Billadeau, Jeremy
Bolling, Ruben
Borgman, Jim
Boris, Daniel
Bratton, Doug
Browne, Chance
Burns, Jean
Carillo, Tony
Clark, David
Cole, Michael
Cole, Tyson
Conley, Steve
Conroy, John
Corsetto, Danielle
Cravens, Greg
Curtis, Stacy
Dale, Barbara
Davis, Nikki and Derek
Davis, Jim
Dembecki, Matt
Detorie, Rick
DiPerri, Nathan
Dodge, Jason
Dorkin, Evan
Duffy, Joe
Dunlap-Shohl, Peter
Eaton, Ken
Eliot, Jan
Evans, Greg
Farrago, Andrew
Faust, Craig
Ferdinand, Ron
Feuti, Norm
Fies, Brian
Fishburne, Tom
Fosgitt, Jay
Galifianakis, Nick
Gallant, Shannon
Gammill, Tom
Garrity, Shaenon
Gilligan, Paul
Grall, Caanan
Griffin, Dawn
Guigar, Brad
Guisewite, Cathy
Hagen, David
Hallatt, Alex
Hambrock, John
Hansen, Frank
Harbin, Dustin
Harrell, Rob
Hatem, Rob
Held, Edward
Hinds, Bill
Holbrook, Bill
Holm, Matt
Janocha, Bill
Jantze, Colette and Michael
Jarrell, Sandy
Johnson, Aaron
Johnson, Ian
Johnson, Kerry G
Johnston, Lynn
Jones, Doug
Juliano, Phil
Keil, Birgit
Kellet, Dave
Kesel, Karl
King, Jamie
Kirkman, Rick
Koford, Adam
Konor, Susan Camilleri
Koutsoutis, Constatine
Krause, Peter
Langridge, Roger
LaRocque, Bill
Lazarus, Mell
Leach, “Tiki” Carol
Lemon, J.
Lewis, Donna A.
Libenson, Terri
Lintula, Samuli
Lopez, Rene
Lotshaw, John
Lunsford, Annie
Mahood, Jonathan
Malki, David
Mallett, Jef
Mastronianni, Mason
Mathias, Don
McDonald, Dave
McDonnell, Patrick
McNutt, Kelly
Mitchell, Bill
Mitchell, Bono
Moynihan, Dan
Oliphant, Patrick
Parisi, Mark
Pastis, Stephan
Peirce, Lincoln
Perry, Charles
Piccolo, Rina
Piro, Stephanie
Pittman, Eddie
Polk, Jerrard K.
Price, Hillary,
Reaves, Eric,
Rempe, Scott
Richmond, Tom
Rolfe, D.M.
Rose, John
Satz, Crowden
Schechner, Chris
Schweizer, Chris
Scott, Jerry
Sikoryak, R.
Sinnott, Adrian C
Snyder III, John K.
Soo, Kean
Sorensen, Jen
Sparks, Chris
Steibel, Robert
Stephens, Jay
Sutliff, Joe
Tallon, Sarah
Tatulli, Mark
Thompson, Dan
Tomaselli, David
Trap, Paul
Trudeau, G.B.
Turnbloom, Lucas
Villena, Jose
Walker, Brian
Walker, James Tim
Walker, Mort
Warnes, Tim
Watterson, Bill
Willems, Mo
Wilson, Emily
Wolfe, Ron
Wuerker, Matt
Yoe, Craig
York, Steve
Zinn, David