And The TARDIS Is Delicious…

Last Sunday was my birthday.

And it was by far one of the best.

My wife and I both wound up working a show in Dedham, Massachusetts, where she was performing, and I was sitting behind my artists vending table, wearing massively stunning fez, selling Peanizles t-shirts, comic books, and original art. When my wife surprised me with a birthday cake. Now, this wasn’t just any old birthday cake. No. It was a red-velvet, chocolate ganache, with butter-cream frosting cake, that most importantly looked like the TARDIS.

The cake was simply amazing–delicious, too.

It was such a a great replica of the Doctor’s TARDIS, complete with the “Police Box” logo on the top on all for sides, three dimensional paneling all the way around, and a little personal “Happy Birthday Don” on the front plaque. It was super-awesome.

If you are looking to have any custom cakes made, please check out Sarah’s Novelty Cakes. Now, I’m off to have one more bite of the TARDIS.



  1. Preeti Sharma, Abhay and Riya's Mom says:

    Hi Don, Wish you a belated very Happy Birthday!! The cake looks amazing and expression on your face is priceless. Amazing cake!!!
    Abhay and Riya are looking forward to your class, as always :) Thank you from bottom of my heart for encouraging them. It means a lot to them and us too !!
    Have a terrific evening!!! Preeti